Governor Perry Drops By East Dallas Gun Shop to Remind Us How Much He Loves Second Amendment, Hates Coyotes

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Gov. Rick Perry said concealed handgun laws have made Texas safer during a campaign stop at McClelland Gun Shop yesterday afternoon while receiving endorsements from the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association. He also continued to milk his story about killing a coyote with a handgun while jogging in April.

"I'm kinda fond of the Second Amendment so I can take care of my family's pets if need be," Perry said, triggering laughter and applause from a couple dozen supporters crammed into the front entrance of the store, which is tucked in a small shopping center east of White Rock Lake on Centerville Road. Shortly after the supposed incident, Perry said he shot the coyote because it moved toward his daughter's Labrador retriever.

Perry referenced his November opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White, as representing "Obama-style politics" and later addressed the seemingly never-ending saga of whether he'll debate White. He continued to criticize White for not releasing his tax returns from before he was mayor, claiming White is running on his record as "a great businessman" and should be transparent about how he earned his riches.

"We gave him till midnight last night [to release his tax returns] or we said we wouldn't debate him, and I'm going to hold myself to what I said," Perry said.

A supporter told Perry that he shouldn't worry about White because "he ain't got a clue."

"Roger that," Perry replied.

The governor touted his support and the 2007 passage of SB 378, which created the Castle Doctrine. This law essentially gives Texans the right to shoot first and ask questions later when folks step on their property without permission. He also said Texas had only seven reciprocity agreements with states regarding concealed handguns when he took office, meaning citizens with licenses in Texas can carry guns in other states and vice versa, and now there are 42 such agreements.

"Here in Texas criminals have to think twice before they draw a gun because there's a good chance they're going to end up being outnumbered, and that's a good thing," he said.

After claiming that the economy in Texas has suffered because spending in Washington has frightened consumers to the point to where they are not spending or investing, it was time to end the presser with another coyote reference and plenty more laughs thanks to DMN'er Gromer Jeffers.

"Governor, before you go, I often run through my neighborhood in Oak Cliff, and you wouldn't believe the number of coyotes I see," Jeffers said.

The crowd went bonkers.

"That's another reason you should get your concealed handgun license now. Get it before it's too late, brother," Perry said.

The gun lovers on hand were literally eating this shit up at this point.

"We're in a gun shop," Jeffers said. "Why don't you recommend a gun for me"

"Well, I don't think you can go wrong with the Ruger LCP," Perry said. "I would highly recommend it with the Crimson Trace laser sight on it. I'm thinking you might not have had that much experience, so that will help you out a little bit. Just shoot where the dot is."

And ... political orgasm complete.

After Perry's appearance, his campaign sent out a lenghty missive calling White "no friend of gun owners," which you can find on the next page.

Bill White: No Friend of Gun Owners

Liberal trial lawyer joined "anti-gun front group," hid truth about when he quit, doesn't know what guns he owns

Liberal trial lawyer Bill White cannot deny his anti-gun past or his lack of knowledge on gun issues, including not knowing what guns he owns and not having a hunting license. [1]

"The only experience Bill White has with guns is when he shoots himself in the foot during campaign appearances," said Texas for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. "Supporting increased gun restrictions, tax increases and President Obama's policies shows how out of touch Bill White is with the values of Texans."

For years Bill White was a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization the National Rifle Association calls an "anti-gun front group" founded by liberal New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg. [2]

Bill White joined the anti-gun group on June 1, 2006, and resigned July 28, 2009, one day after fellow Democrat John Sharp called on Bill White to resign from the group. Even though these dates have been confirmed to the media by the group's spokesman, Bill White continues to falsely claim he had already resigned by the time John Sharp criticized his membership. [3, 4]

In a report from the Austin American Statesman titled, "Group listed White among foes of gun law, but campaign says he favors it," Bill White's campaign claimed he supports the Tiahrt Amendments, which protect the privacy of gun owners. [5]

This statement ignores the fact that when Mayors Against Illegal Guns was created on April 25, 2006, included in its statement of principles was opposition to the Tiahrt Amendments, and that the group's website says, "Since it was formed in 2006, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been fighting to reform the Tiahrt Amendments." [6, 7]

Bill White also does not know the difference between the Tiahrt Amendments, which protects gun owner privacy rights, and the Thune Amendment, which establishes reciprocity between states regarding carrying concealed firearms. Earlier this year, Bill White claimed he quit the group over its opposition to the Tiahrt Amendments, but then described the purpose of the Thune Amendment instead. Bill White's name has appeared in national newspaper ads opposing both. [5, 8]

In July, Tyler television station KETK also reported that Bill White doesn't know what guns he owns. The station reported, "Governor Perry's office calls out Bill White, saying he doesn't know what guns he owns. On Tuesday, Bill White was given a shotgun as a gift but he didn't accept, telling a Dallas radio station he already owns a shotgun and a handgun. However, Bill White's Shoot Straight Texas website says, 'Bill White owns a pistol for protection and a hunting rifle.' Now we contacted Bill White's office to comment on the issue. They have not called us back." (Video available online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOq1ehgK0NA)

Perhaps the reason the station got no response from Bill White is he was busy rewriting his website, which since its launch on July 12 said, "Bill White owns a pistol for protection and a hunting rifle." [9]

The website now reads, "Bill White owns a pistol for protection and a 12-gauge shotgun." [4]

During an interview with KRLD radio in July, Bill White said, "I already have a shotgun and a hand gun." [10]

Earlier that day, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, "White said he doesn't keep gifts of significant value that are given to him during his political campaign." [11]

This is not true, as Bill White reported accepting numerous gifts of significant value while mayor of Houston, which are listed in annual personal financial disclosures available on his campaign website. Among the gifts Bill White has accepted include: free flights on private planes (2), free lodging for ski trip in Colorado (twice), free lodging at a ranch, free hotel room, free trip to Susman Godfrey anniversary weekend, free football game tickets, free baseball game tickets, free basketball game tickets, and framed photo of Bill White and his wife. [12]


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