Greg Abbott Is in a Wheelchair. Can We Move On Now?

Yesterday, with the state's attention still glued to Wendy Davis' Trailergate, competing groups attempted to roll Greg Abbott's wheelchair into the gubernatorial debate.

First came James O'Keefe's latest undercover video showing a Battleground Texas volunteer identified as attorney Lisa Wortham (the "Lewisville Team Leader") saying "I'm really wondering how this is going to work out because [Abbott]'s in a wheelchair and her slogan is 'Stand with Wendy.'"

The progressive Lone Star Project countered with an audio clip of Republican political consultant Luke Macias saying that Davis succeeds by making women feel victimized but that "she can't make suburban women feel like victims to the wheelchair."

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Both statements are offensive (the former somewhat more than the latter), and Wortham and Macias were stupid to say them. But an off-handed comment by some unpaid volunteer or small-time political functionary says nothing about Davis, Abbott or their campaigns, just that human beings can be ignorant and dumb.

So, until Abbott miraculously regains the ability to walk or Davis shoves his wheelchair down a flight of stairs, let's keep his paraplegia off the table, OK?

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