Guys Behind That DFW Airport "Stuck" Video on How They Made It and Reaction To It

You probably remember this: End of the day Tuesday we posted that video shot during the wee small hours of the morning at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in which West Coast photographers Joe Ayala and Larry Chen are having a cute, no-harm-no-foul home-alone moment at an American Airlines check-in desk, a shoe-shine stand and the Pappadeaux in Terminal A. When we posted it, it had been watched maybe a couple hundred times. But since then it's become National News, with many -- including DFW board member Betty Culbreath, who wrote, "Never again" in the comments Tuesday night -- wondering where the eff was security. It really blew up yesterday, after Jalopnik reposted a Channel 11 furrowed-brow account of the, cough, incident.

But DFW officials really aren't terribly concerned about it, issuing a statement -- via CBS News this morning -- that, look, "at no time did the filmmakers' activities present any level of danger or threat to flight safety. And by the way, they also picked up after themselves, including the restroom." You know who else isn't too terribly concerned: Ayala and Chen, who speak to Jalopnik today about the video shoot. (Our efforts to reach Ayala were, clearly, far less successful.) They explain the shoot, the sneaking-a-beer thing and other details intended to satisfy those who either think it's The Worst Thing That Ever Happened or The Fakest Story Ever Told. An excerpt:

There have been some rumblings in the press about some people at the airport being upset, have you spoken with them?

LC: We talked with one of the reps from the DFW airport and he was really cool about it.

JA: He told us that he used to shoot films or something and he appreciated of some of the shots we did. And he showed it to the CEO of the Airport and he really liked it.

Read the whole thing here.

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