Hail Mary: Cowboy Kevin Ogletree Paid His Debts, But Only After a Lawsuit's Filed

Dallas backup wide receiver Kevin Ogletree was planning on stiffing his housesitter for more than $16,000 in expenses incurred while he was out of town during the lockout, according to a lawsuit filed in Dallas County on December 30 by the son of longtime Cowboys strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek.

Well, Ogletree was until he got the summons. J.D. Juraszek's attorney, Michael Hindman, tells Unfair Park Ogletree had a change of heart and settled up, agreeing to pay for the exorbitant costs Juraszek incurred while moving Ogletree into his new Valley Ranch apartment in Irving and caring for his dog, Kluster.

The suit, first posted on Courthouse News, alleges that Ogletree, arrested last September in Coppell over some outstanding traffic-violation warrants, had asked Juraszek to move him and Kluster out of his apartment on Blackburn and into a place closer to the team's practice facility. He would be out of town for most of the summer because of the NFL lockout, so the two allegedly agreed that Juraszek would move in and maintain the apartment in his absence.

Meanwhile, says the suit, Juraszek paid more than $1,200 to movers and spent some $4,250 on household items, a new washer and dryer, two TV mounts, maid services and rent. He spent more than $700 on a new tire for Ogletree's BMW and spent roughly $300 shipping things like cleats and gloves to him. In May, he spent nearly $700 on vet bills for a "badly neglected" Kluster. In July, Juraszek bought Ogletree's cousin Tyronea a new iPhone. All of it, he claimed, Ogletree had agreed to repay.

While he house-sat, the complaint says Juraszek brought his new $1,400 bed, an $1,800 TV, two huge Lovesac beanbags valued at $1,900 and a $2,500 David Yurman necklace. When Juraszek asked to be reimbursed, the suit claims, Ogletree said he couldn't pay, because he'd just purchased a new "Roley." Juraszek pressed him, and he claims Ogletree threatened him with physical violence and refused to let him collect any of his personal items. He claims he also tossed Juraszek's mattress and bed into a Dumpster.

The Cowboys are aware of the situation, they said, but declined to comment.

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