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Hammer Still Missing From Tool Box

As some of our Friends clearly need their daily Greg "Hammer" Williams update, here 'tis:

Despite speculation here and elsewhere that Williams would be returning to KTCK-AM's "The Hardline" this afternoon at 3, that will not be the case. "He's not in the building today," Ticket program director Jeff Catlin told Unfair Park moments ago. And when asked if Williams would be returning this week, as Richie Whitt wrote last week in his terrific column on the subject, Catlin said, "I don't know, and that's the truth."

Which means, for now, this still makes the perfect Christmas present. --Robert Wilonsky

An update, courtesy Richie Whitt: Minutes ago on "The Afternoon Drive-Time Sports Update Smorgasboard Un-Hardline Show," host Mike Rhyner made an announcement essentially about an upcoming announcement.

"Now that it's out there," Mike said, referring to last week's column in the paper version of Unfair Park, "we can talk about it." But -- you knew that was coming, didn't ya? -- that on-air discussion won't happen until, in Rhyner's words, "we have a definitive resolution."

"When we do address it," he said, "we'll focus more on what's in front of us rather than what's gone on with this show in the past."

Talking to Greggo and station sources last week it sure sounded like The Hammer would at some point be back on the air, possibly as early as this week. But with Rhyner now talking about the future, it's sounding more and more like Williams is past tense.

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