Hard Knocks: Week 2

Must-see TV.

The five best moments from last night’s Hard Knocks: Week 2. Or did I miss something?

5. Former scout and Jason’s dad, Jim Garrett, “running” as slow – and as consistent – as humanly possible.

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4. Linebacker Zach Thomas fielding punts as smooth as Patrick Crayton. Seriously now, that was impressive.

3. Magic Johnson’s motivational speech: “I’m looking at the Super Bowl champions!” Goose. Bumps.

2. Martellus Bennett rolling his eyes and giggling after tight ends coach John Garrett’s pre-practice pep talk. Yeah, I have real high hopes for that second-round pick. You?

1. Roy Williams, Ninja that he is, sneaking into Terrell Owens’ hotel room. At least the much-maligned safety’s sense of humor is back. -- Richie Whitt

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