Have You Ever Wanted to Be the Editor of an Alternative Newsweekly?

So tomorrow, if you're cruising the Internets looking for work, you might come across something that says, oh, I don't know, "Help wanted: Dallas Observer is looking for an editor." And it won't be a joke. I'm outta here.

And no, I wasn't fired. Heads didn't roll; blood didn't spill. It was all painfully painless. But today with much regret I told the Observer staff that I am stepping down as editor. I'm leaving sometime in January to write a book loosely based on the first story I ever wrote for the Observer -- way back in 1992, before we had an electronic archive -- titled "My Life as Holy Roller." (Great headline, Peter Elkind.) I'll make you a copy for 20 bucks.

I've worked for Village Voice Media -- and its predecessor, New Times -- for nearly 15 years, which is most of my career as a journalist. At the Observer I've worked with the most talented, courageous and hard-working group of journalists you'll ever find. I'm continually amazed by the great writers, reporters, editors and columnists we develop here. No wonder they're sought after by so many other publications. When I leave, I'm sure I'll write a long, meandering post about some of the strange and wonderful experiences I've had here over the years, but for now, that's all. I will continue writing for the Observer in some capacity. Bible Girl isn't ready to hang up her cape just yet. --Julie Lyons

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.