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He-Man Called and Wants His Phone Back

Ever heard the local band Greyskull? No? Dude, they rock. Or so Nokia thinks, anyway: Says here that the band's been tapped to provide the soundtrack for a series of ads promoting the company's new Nseries phones -- specifically, the new N93i video phone. Only, you won't get to see the spots: Whilst the band may indeed be the oh-face of Nokia, it ain't in this country. Seems Nokia will be exporting Greyskull to Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Because Greyskull kills in Singapore. Not kidding.

Says the release, five songs off the band's CD Pretty in Ink -- and, damn it, that's kinda funny -- will be featured in some Nokia contest called You Make it Reel. From the sound of it, Nokia's looking for "Asia's best video director," and I guess aspirants have to pick one of the five songs and shoot a video using the N93i. Winner gets $10,000 -- which translates into 160,170,000 Vietnamese dong. Not kidding. --Robert Wilonsky

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