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He Wanted to Move the Rangers to Dallas and Provide Free Wi-Fi Downtown. Now Council Candidate Chad Lasseter's Out of the Race.

If you read our story about the ballot drawing Friday morning for mayoral and city council candidates, you might have noticed the omission of a certain someone from the District 14 race. Chad Lasseter -- the guy who slammed Angela Hunt for bailing on Tom Leppert's adios and aimed to lure the Texas Rangers to Dallas and provide free Wi-Fi downtown -- was a curious no-show at the event. After all, he had texted us the night before asking if we'd be there.

A city staffer chose the No. 5 spot for him, but turns out Lasseter was absent because he decided to call it quits. The competitors for the seat currently held by Hunt dropped to three -- Vernon Franko, James Nowlin and Brian Oley.

Just before we published the item, Lasseter called to say he was on his way to the City Secretary's Office to withdraw his name from the ballot. He has recently received a promotion at his job with NorthWind Consulting Services, Lasseter told Unfair Park, and his new responsibilities would prevent him from running an effective campaign and serving on the city council.

Lasseter said he looked forward to debating Hunt wherever and whenever she wanted "without notes," but he ultimately had to choose what was best for his financial well-being. Lasseter also promised he'd return all of his contributions, and he says as much in the press release e-mailed to us following his official withdrawal.

Chad Lasseter, Candidate for Dallas City Council District 14, has filed with the City Secretary's Office to withdraw his name from the ballot. Mr. Lasseter has been asked to take on the role of National Director of Sales & Services within his organization. Due to the increased responsibilities with this position he will not be able to perform the duties of City Council if elected. Mr. Lasseter was deeply saddened by this turn of events, but felt it would be unethical to continue the campaign knowing he would be unable to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of City Councilperson. Mr. Lasseter would like to offer his most heartfelt appreciation for all the support he received and publicly state his intentions of personally returning all campaign donations received.

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