He Will Blow You Away

This comes to us courtesy The Dallas Morning News' Bold Types blog, and it was written, of course, by Jim Schutze's new favorite pejorative, Steve Blow:

I love it. A letter to the editor in this week's Dallas Observer labels me as "one scary guy."

When I tried to give the letter a particularly menacing public reading in the newsroom awhile ago, the whole place erupted into laughter when I reached the "scary" line.

"Nervous laughter," one of my quaking colleagues assured me.

By the way, because all the facts were on my side, the lawsuit she mentions was thrown out on summary judgment.

Steve, if you could just do us one small favor: Could you give me a call and then read the thing again into my tape recorder so we can put it up on Unfair Park? Because that would make this whole thing worthwhile. K? Thanks. You got the number, right? --Robert Wilonsky

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