Here Goes Nothing: Sweet Greggo!

I've spent all day waiting for someone to post the video from Greg Willliams' appearance last night on Mike Doocy's Sports Adventure Happy Fun Time Hour, only, no luck. (Not even on the KDFW-Channel 4 site, which is the worst in the history of network affiliates.) Too bad too, because the final segment made for especially riveting video for those remaining Hardline fans who've been asking "Where's Greggo?" since his disappearance from KTCK-AM (1310) last fall. Alas, as we've no video (thus far), we can instead rely on Uncle Barky, who did the transcribing I've been putting off all day whilst trying to finish next week's cover story for the paper version of Unfair Park. (Update: A Friend of Unfair Park sends the link for the video.)

Read Ed's wrap-up, but first, a takeaway: When Doocy asks Greggo to be more specific about the "bad things" that cost him his gig at The Ticket, the Hammer said, point blank, "Illegal drug use -- exactly what it was. And I'm embarrassed to admit that." Me, I'm still trying to decipher Greggo's very odd adios ... Still, he looked terrific. --Robert Wilonsky

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