Here's What the Cotton Bowl Will Look Like When It's Encased In Steel

Here's What the Cotton Bowl Will Look Like When It's Encased In Steel

We've known for a while now that the Cotton Bowl is getting an $82 million facelift. We've also known for a while that New York-based artist James Carpenter will be the one to bring that tired art deco facade into the 21st century. What we haven't known is what exactly that's going to look like. Until now.

The photo above was plucked (by Robert Wilonsky, of course) from the agenda packet for Monday's Landmark Commission meeting on Monday.

To answer your question, yes, that Cotton Bowl is encased in steel. It's steel mesh, to be precise, kept taut by a patented, spring-loaded attachment system, all of which can be power-washed with biodegradable, over-the-counter cleaning agents.

The obvious problem with the design, of course, is that it's way too futuristic for something as old-fashioned as college football. Maybe some Mad Max-style gladiatorial combat. Maybe laser tag. The possibilities are endless.

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