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He's Schutze. He Scores.

The Dallas Morning News just called and made us take down the photo of Jim that appears in today's paper. And they were so serious about it too. Wanh.

I've just spent an hour moderating comments for the item about Rebecca Aguilar's suspension -- thanks, Instapundit! I had planned on spending that hour writing something about Rudy Bush's front-of-Metro piece about Jim Schutze. Thankfully, D's Eric Celeste took care of that early, early this morning -- and FrontBurner now apparently pays by the word, so grab yourself a large cup of whatever it is you drink in the morning before settling in.

It's only too bad Eric's cover story about "The Trinity War" -- and the "four true believers" who "led us into a battle for the soul of Dallas," among them Schutze hisself -- isn't yet online. (We received our copy only yesterday.) It's a terrific piece of work, thoughtful and considered. You can, instead, go straight to the source and read Jim's cover story about the "Gunfight at the Trinity", out this week. Schutze is a popular man this week -- powerful too, if I read my Morning News right. Like I told Schutze around 11 last night, after I'd read Bush's story online, "Man, you're a folk hero." He just wanted some sleep. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Adam McGill, already proving his prowess as The D Empire's new web editor, has posted Eric Celeste's cover story.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.