Hey, Kids, Does Kraft Mac & Cheese Give You a Cheddar Explosion? Then You're in Luck.

No doubt you've already heard: On New Year's Eve the Irving city council voted to let Kraft Macaroni & Cheese blow up Texas Stadium in exchange for $75,000 cash money. And now, Kraft's NYC-based publicist sends word that "one lucky kid (ages 9-12) who has made a positive, explosive impact to better their community will win the chance to push the button that will implode Texas Stadium in Irving, TX this spring." And what'll it take to win such an explosive prize? "A 300-words or less essay that details their story and a picture illustrating their story."

Amanda Hunter also forwarded along the details, available here. Also contained within the official release: myriad photos of Kraft's new Cheddar Explosion. Which sounds and looks ... appetizing? Sure, we'll go with that.


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