Hey, Tell That Awesome Story About Meeting Mayor Tom Leppert Again

In his campaign to unseat District 7 freshman council member Carolyn Davis, Libertarian John Jay Myers is using the city's plans to build a publicly owned convention center hotel as a key issue, posting the footage you'll find after the jump to his Web site a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Trey Garrison (also a Libertarian and anti-hotel'er), we were alerted to claims by Myers that the hotel benefits Mayor Tom Leppert and the council, along with Leppert's friends in the construction and real estate bidness.

Myers takes us on a trip to City Hall as Dallas Right to Vote dropped off their petitions, which have recently been verified. As Jim outlined, the effort by Dallas Right to Vote has much different implications from the hotel referendum brought about by Citizens Against the Taxpayer-Owned Hotel. In short, DRTV wants to have a vote every time the city offers a subsidy of more than $1 million to a private development, and CATOH's charter amendment seeks to prohibit the city from owning hotels.

With The Beatles "Taxman" added as the soundtrack, Myers plugs the DRTV and local Libertarian Party Web sites and offers up this for your consideration: "There are people in Dallas trying to help you. They're called Libertarians. You may want to help them."

Myers's paranoid looks to the side and cameo by DMN'er Rudy Bush (1:02) are noteworthy, but it's really a story by consultant Jarrod Atkinson that makes this worthwhile viewing. Or not.

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