George Gillett, left, and Tom Hicks before their relationship became "unworkable"

Hicks and Gillett Do Not Appear to Have a "Rational Relationship"

Been, like, days since our last item about Tom Hicks, George Gillett and the squabbling over Liverpool FC's ownership. But today comes nasty word that Gillett, with whom the Rangers and Stars owner bought the fabled team one year ago, doesn't find Hicks a very good partner. Which is to say, their partnership "has been unworkable for some time," according to Gillett, who spoke to Canadian-based Prime Time Sports Radio about their messy divorce. The U.K. Times has the whole story -- including a transcript of the interview and the audio itself, for those so inclined. A highlight:

Bluntly, has this partnership with Mr Hicks become unworkable?

GG: Oh, it has been for some time. But not because of us. We have tried to be co-operative, we have tried to be supportive, but when your public persona is more important than the facts, that makes it very difficult to have a rational relationship.

Which is a very nice way of putting it once you read the entire piece. --Robert Wilonsky

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