Honk at Rob Reiner. Do It!

Our Rich Lopez just had himself a nice lunch at Herrera's Mexican Restaurant on Denton Drive -- turns out, at the exact same moment Hillary Clinton was ordering votes with a side of queso. More from that forthcoming, but this just in from Clinton's press peeps: At 4:30, Rob Reiner -- yes, that Rob Reiner -- will be at 5750 Skillman Street (right by the Medallion Shopping Center) for what the campaign's calling a "Hold Honk and Holler" rally. Me, I plan on going just to honk at Reiner, who hasn't made a great movie since Misery. Still, though, ya make one This is Spinal Tap, and you're good for about three decades. If you don't count the unforgivable North.

Reiner, of course, has been all over town in recent days campaigning for Clinton -- like, spending Sunday on Cedar Springs, then hanging out yesterday in the Oak Lawn area for lunch at Lucky's, then spending this morning getting honked at on the corner of Greenville Avenue and Ross Avenue. And for those so inclined, the Clinton campaign's election night party will be at the Metro Grill at 4425 North Central Expressway. I'd go, but last time I ate there, the food was terrrrible -- and the only thing worse was the service. Besides, I have to whip out my caucus. But maybe you'll see Rob Reiner. Everyone else has. --Robert Wilonsky

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