Yaser Abdel Said

Honor Among Pundits

Not 48 hours after the shooting deaths of two teenage sisters in Irving, the blogosphere is atwitter with the missives of angry scribes who’ve already branded the girls’ father, 50-year-old cab driver Yaser Abdel Said, an "honor killer" in a frenzy of Oh-my-God-Muslims-are-ruining-our-country hysteria. And police have yet to catch Said, for whom capital murder warrants have been issued.

A day after his initial hand-wringing post on Beliefnet, Dallas Morning News editorial writer Rod Dreher acknowledges that police -- who are telling reporters they’re looking into the family’s “domestic issues” -- have not used the word “honor killing” in relation to the slayings. But, he goes on, “There are signs emerging that it might be something like that.”

That’s not too far-fetched, considering that police told WFAA-Channel 8 that Said may have been upset with his daughter’s dating habits and that, according to one of the girls’ friends quoted in the Star-Telegram, when Sarah recently met a boy at her job, she said her father would kill her if he found out. But a host of bloggers across the country are going much further, oblivious to the fact that the father, while utterly suspicious, is merely a suspect at this point. Which brings us to Michelle Malkin.

Malkin compares the murder of 17-year-old Sarah Yaser Said and 18-year-old Amina Yaser Said to the slaying of Canadian high-school student Aqsa Parvez, whose father, Muhammad Parvez, was charged with her murder last month following her refusal to wear the traditional Islamic head scarf. She also links to The Washington Times’ warnings about “sudden jihad syndrome” and Phyllis Chessler’s declaration that “just yesterday, an Egyptian Arab Muslim father in Dallas, Texas allegedly shot his two beautiful teenage daughters to death because he disapproved of their American-style ways." (Chessler, the author of The Death of Feminism, also insists that “in parts of Europe, taxi drivers are known to aid and abet honor murders.”)

Malkin also directs our attention to this brilliant nugget of wisdom from Ann Coulter wanna-be Debbie Schlussel:

“It's only the second day of the new year, and already it's time for another edition of ‘GUESS THE RELIGION.’ Hmmm ... A taxicab driver named Yaser Abdel Said murders both of his teenage daughters on Tuesday, probably because they had too much fun (perhaps with the dreaded non-Muslim infidels) on New Year's Eve the night before. As reader Rick writes: 'Looks like we have a bit of Dearbornistan right here in the Dallastan area.'"

Dallastan. Right.

There's also this video from Jihad Watch, which asks, "Why is the left silent about Islamic 'honor killings?'" But by far the most rational bit of blogging on the topic can be found at Atlas Shrugs, the self-proclaimed cure for imperiled Western Civilization.

“Of course the jihad loving media won't dare speak its name .......but we know. Savvy Atlas reader Bob picked this up over WBAP radio and added, " 'no motive' they say. But, it looks like an Arab [Muslim] murdered his own daughters probably because he thought they were too “worldly”. I hate the term “honor killing” because there is NO honor in it."

There are many more links out there, for those with the interest, by which I mean, free time. --Megan Feldman

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