If you wanna know why Your Dallas Cowboys are worth $1.5 billion, here's most of your reason right here.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys' Price Tag?

For the first time in eight years, Your Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the National Football League -- thanks to, you guessed it, that billion-dollar stadium Jerry Jones is building in Arlington. Says Forbes, which is also a tad obsessed with valuable zip codes at the moment, Dallas' worth has increased 28 percent in the last year; the team's now worth $1.5 billion, give or take a dime, which put it ahead of the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots, wanh.

Forbes says the stadium added some $350 mil to the team's overall value -- but also piling on the coin were such added extras as the 2011 Super Bowl and the Glorypark live-eat-work complex Jones is affixing to the complex complex. As Jones tells the Associated Press, "Our organization's incentive has always been to have our franchise recognized as being the best, both on and off the field. This is recognition of the fans and the many constituencies who have helped build the Dallas Cowboys." In other words, Suck it, Danny Snyder. --Robert Wilonsky

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