How Come No One Here Is Talking About Tom Hicks' New Stadium?

Tom Hicks' new stadium looks awfully nice. Kinda Jerry Jones-y. Too bad it's in England.

Hey, lookie there: Tom Hicks is about to build a $615-million stadium that holds up to 76,000 folks -- and, smart move, he's using McKinney Ave.-based HKS, Inc., the same architecture engineering firm responsible for, among so many other things, the new Dallas Cowboys Megastadium in Arlington, the American Airlines Center, Lone Star Park and Pizza Hut Park. Originally, the new venue was going to hold 60,000 and cost less than $500 million, till Hicks thought, "You know, that's just not enough." How uncharacteristically Jerry of him.

Only, lookie here, turns out Hicks is spending that dough overseas -- in Liverpool, to be precise, where he'll open in 2010 the new home of the football club he seems to like a whole lot more than his baseball team, which, despite being on a winning streak of late, remains 10 games under .500 and 13 games behind the Angels in the American League West. Come to think of it, no wonder he loves his soccer team. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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