How Much Does Perot Dislike Cuban? Enough to Try to Take Away Mavs, Stars Fans' Parking.

It's become very clear in recent days that Ross Perot Jr. isn't about to walk away from his feud with Mark Cuban. On December 2, his attorneys notified the Fifth Court of Appeals that he intends to fight Judge Craig Smith's order tossing that suit in which Perot accuses Cuban of mismanaging the Dallas Mavericks; docs are due early in the new year.

And then there's this: Yesterday attorney Tom Melsheimer -- the man responsible for The Greatest Legal Brief in the History of Law -- went down to the Dallas County courthouse to stop Perot from keeping folks attending Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks games from actually parking at the American Airlines Center, beginning with last night's Stars game. As always, all the relevant docs follow, but Melsheimer filed for, and got, the temporary restraining order based, he says in yesterday's filing, on a warning shot filed by Anland North, a limited partnership controlled by Perot and Hillwood.

Says the application for the TRO, Anland has had a long-standing deal with Center Operating Company, which operates the AAC, to lease parking spaces around the arena. Says the suit, COC and Anland recently reached a new deal that would have extended the leases through June 30, 2012. But last week and again on Tuesday, Melsheimer writes, COC was told by Anland that the agreement was null and void: "On December 20, 2011, Defendants delivered a letter to COC purporting to terminate the parties' agreements and stating that COC was not permitted access to the property .... The letter threatened that any access would be considered a trespass and 'appropriate action would be taken.'" Read it for yourself; it's an exhibit attached to the suit.

Melsheimer wrote that if Anland was allowed to COC-block those sports, well, that would screw over hundreds of Stars and Mavericks' season-ticket holders who've already paid for their spots. Worse still, Melsheimer writes: It would have occurred during "one of the most anticipated moments in local sports history" -- the Mavs' Christmas Day tip-off against the Miami Heat -- "and a very busy week at the AAC." Which is why he went to court asking for the TRO. And Judge Martin Lowy agreed with him. Says Melsheimer, "This order makes sure that no Grinch is going to steal Christmas for Mavs and Stars fans."

12-21-11 COC v. Anland12-21-11 COC TRO

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