How to Keep Your 7-Eleven From Getting Robbed. Unless It's Already Been Robbed.

Just today, the Dallas Police Department posted to its YouTube page -- which, till about a month ago, hadn't been updated in ages -- a "training video for convenience store robbery prevention." (The pre-title sequence, which continues at around the six-minute mark, is amazing.) Ironically, at about the same time on Tuesday, the department posted a video in which two dudes liberated some cartons of smokes from the 7-Eleven right next door to Unfair Park HQ on Oak Lawn Avenue. The perps, who didn't seem terribly prepared for their tobacco heist, are in need of ID'ing. You'll find that one after the jump.

Update: And, yes, in the video above, at the 6:13 mark you'll find a certain Barking Dog getting himself a soda pop.

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Robert Wilonsky
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