Hump Day for the Rangers? Almost.

Last time we saw a Ranger on the cover gas was $1.20 and this guy was a high-school sophomore.

You haven’t even made it to your afternoon smoke break and already the Rangers have again failed to summit Mount Mediocrity.

For the fourth time in the last two weeks Texas needed a win to get above .500. And for the fourth time it lost, this time 5-3 to Tampa Bay.

At 27-28, the Rangers still have spent just one day – when they were 5-4 in early April – with a winning record in the Ron Washington era.

Today, in a game that actually started this morning, the Rangers were handcuffed by somebody named Matt Garza. And, of course, that pesky Sports Illustrated jinx.

Just got my grubby little hands on this week’s SI out of the mailbox and, what do you know, center fielder Josh Hamilton is on the cover. First time a Ranger has been the cover boy since … Nolan Ryan? … A-Rod? … nope, would you believe Pudge Rodriguez in 1997?

And how does Hamilton respond? Oh for three, two strikeouts.

Nonetheless, he has the best shot at a triple crown this side of Big Brown. -- Richie Whitt

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