Hunt Returns to Blogging With Bike Plan Push

Last Friday Daniel recapped the first Dallas Bike Plan Open House -- and by "first," I mean there will be more forthcoming, according to Angela Hunt, co-chair of the committee overseeing the redo of the antiquated Greater Dallas Bike Plan Map. Now we find Hunt's recap as she returns to her blog some two months after giving birth to Audrey Belle.

Hunt spends much of her post reiterating the sentiments of Patrick "Car-Free" Kennedy, which boil down to: Let's not count our bicycle bells before they're rung. To which she adds:

Policymakers and city staff will only be persuaded to create real complete streets with real bicycle infrastructure in Dallas (and not a failed, faux version) if they (1) learn how other cities have successfully made the transition from car-centric streets to ones that are bike- and ped-friendly, (2) understand how important complete streets are to our city's future economic development (attacting the "creative class" and thus the companies that want to hire them), and (3) hear the public express a real interest in redefining our city to make it more liveable. On the last point, if a progressive bike plan and complete streets are important to you, please attend the next public meeting and make your voice heard (when we have a date, I'll post it).

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