Hutchison's Press Secretary on Perry's $9 Billion "Rainy Day" Claim: "It's Hypocrisy at Its Finest and Clearly Politically Motivated."

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As mentioned earlier, Governor Rick Perry gave us the Heisman when we tried to get a response to his boasts this afternoon about balancing the state's budget and tucking away $9 billion for a "rainy day," conveniently leaving out that nearly all of that $9 billion and the dough used to solve the budget crisis was federal stimulus money.

"It's hypocrisy at its finest and clearly politically motivated," says Jeff Sadosky, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's press secretary, of Perry's willingness to bash President Obama's stimulus package while reaping the rewards.

"He is under increased pressure and is clearly resorting to revisionist history of his own record," Sadosky tells Unfair Park. "It's clear that, while he didn't mention it in his speech, Governor Perry relied on federal stimulus dollars from Barack Obama to balance his own budget -- more so than any other state in the survey. He won't bring that up at a tea party, but the facts are the facts."

Sadosky also fired off a press release, elaborating on a quote he gave the News, which follows after the jump.

Statement on Rick Perry's Attacks on Kay Bailey Hutchison in Dallas

Austin, TX -- Texans for Kay Press Secretary Jeff Sadosky released the following statement today: "What's bizarre is why Rick Perry, after raising taxes, growing the size of government and attempting a half-million acre private property land grab, would think that he's entitled to a third term. Despite the tireless work for committed GOP activists, Perry's record has nearly driven Texas Republicans back to minority status."


Perry raised business taxes giving Texas the highest gross receipts tax rate in the country. NFIB called it an "Entrepreneur Killer."

"Gov. Rick Perry signed into law Thursday an expansion of the state's general business tax...The tax will replace the corporate franchise tax, which many businesses are not required to pay, with a new tax on gross receipts." (Austin American-Statesman, 5/19/06)

"Among states that levy gross receipts taxes, Texas's is the highest." (Tax Foundation Background Paper, 10/08, No. 58)

National Federation Of Independent Businesses called Perry's Margin's Tax An "Entrepreneur-Killer." (The Dallas Morning News, 2/7/09)

Under Perry, Texas has the highest property taxes in the country.

According to a 2008 analysis by the Tax Foundation, Texas has the highest property taxes as a percentage of home value at 1.84 percent. The national average was 0.95 percent. (Tax Foundation, Property Taxes On Owner-Occupied Housing By State, 2007, 9/23/08)

Perry was a strong supporter of "toll taxes" through the use of toll roads across the state on roads which were already paid for which would charge Texans for simply driving.

"Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Transportation Commission strongly encourage local officials to build toll roads -- or at least toll-express lanes on existing freeways -- to make up for a chronic shortage of highway funding." (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 8/13/04)

Private Property

Perry supported a massive government land grab that would have seized a half-million acres of private property. So much for "limited government."

Nothing puts the lie to Perry's newly claimed fealty to limited government like his support and cheerleading for the Trans Texas Corridor, a plan which would have seized a half-million acres of private property from Texas land owners and turned it over to a foreign company to collect tolls from Texans who simply want to drive on their own roads.

Size of Government

Under Perry, the number of bureaucrats employed by Texas state government has increased by more than 10%.

By comparison, during the same time period, the federal government actually decreased its number of employees by almost 6%.

According to the most recent figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau, from March 2000 to March 2007, the number of Texas state government employees increased from 303,795 to 334,378. A 10.07% jump.

The federal government during the same time period decreased its number of employees from 2,899,000 to 2,730,000. A 5.83% drop. Yet another thing you probably won't hear Perry talking about at the next tea party...

Sourcing: (U.S. Census Bureau Website, www.census.gov , Accessed 7/29/09; U.S. Census Bureau Website, www.census.gov , Accessed 7/29/09) (U.S. Census Bureau Website, www.census.gov , Accessed 7/29/09)

Republicans in Dallas County

During Rick Perry's time in the Governor's mansion, Republicans in Dallas County have lost election after election and slipped into the minority.

In 2000, Dallas County had two Republican State Senators. Today, they have two Democratic State Senators. (Office of the Secretary of State, http://elections.sos.state.tx.us, Accessed 7/28/09)

In 2000, Republicans held a one seat majority (8-7) among its delegation of Representatives to the State House. Today, Republicans are in the minority (6-9). (Office of the Secretary of State, http://elections.sos.state.tx.us, Accessed 7/28/09)

In 2000, the only member of Board of Education in Dallas County was a Republican but now that seat is held by a Democrat. (Office of the Secretary of State, http://elections.sos.state.tx.us, Accessed 7/28/09)

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