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I Hope You're Sitting Down: Nita Wiggins Out at Fox 4.

Maybe I haven't been paying attention or maybe, truth be told, I just didn't miss her enough to notice. Whatever, I thought I had a mini-scoop this afternoon when I found out that Fox 4 had severed ties with long-time sports reporter Nita Wiggins.

That is, until I read it here. From, duh, like a month ago. (Credit where credit is due. See how that works? Novel, eh?)

To her fans, Nita "Sweeta" Wiggins' sports stories were gently woven like a soft, comfy blanky. Always positive. Never edgy. Sappy sure, but safe.

To her critics, Nita "Clue" Wiggins' sports stories were embarassingly shallow and ridiculously rah-rah. Always positive. Never edgy. Sucky sure, but, well, sucky.

Either way, it's never good to see a familiar face canceled out of our limping media industry. Wiggins hasn't been replaced, leaving anchor Mike Doocy and reporter Max Morgan as an over-worked, under-appreciated two-man team.

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