If Sarah Palin Hasn't Called You About Ted Cruz Yet, Try Not To Take It Personally

Ever since Ted Cruz announced that Sarah Palin is endorsing him in his bid for Senate, we've been clustered around the office phone (we only have one), waiting patiently to hear a robo-call from ex-Alaska Governor Palin. It never came. That's because, as it turns out, Palin's calls may have been accidentally going out to Kansas voters instead.

Tim Carpenter is a political reporter at the Topeka-Capital Journal. Last week, he was also the lucky recipient of a call from Palin encouraging him to support Ted Cruz, "a conservative you can trust to stand on principle and change the way Washington does business," as she told him enthusiastically, if somewhat automatedly.

"It was a one-sided conversation with Palin, of course," Carpenter wrote on his blog, Political Runoff, "but it felt as if I was sitting down to a chat with folks back on the farm over a dinner of cornbread, beans and burgers. The country's most famous non-candidate was confiding in me, a guy from tinytown Missouri, the no-nonsense, no-spin version of how I should vote in the Texas GOP primary."

We contacted the Cruz campaign, but his spokesman James Bernsen hadn't heard anything about the calls or how they happened to end up in Kansas. He said he'd look into it. A phone call and an email to Sarah Palin's PAC (which is called SarahPAC) haven't been returned yet.

I'm just a little hurt, OK? I sat through her entire damn movie. What more does it take to get a phone call over here, Governor?

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Anna Merlan
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