If You Didn't Already Know, The Woodall Rodgers Deck Park Will Be Best Thing Ever

At least, that's what the star-studded cast of bold-faced names says in the video you see above, which was just posted to YouTube by the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. This is the short film being used to raise money for the capital campaign -- which, as we noted only yesterday,

still needs $16 million for amenities and three years' worth of operations and maintenance


Says Bill Lively, "I think there are moments in the lives of great cities when the private sector rises to the occasion to embrace great projects that will change the course of that city ... The park is such a project"; adds D publisher Wick Allison, "This little park may end up being more integral to who we are than anything we've done so far." (As opposed to, say, the Trinity River toll road?) The video's old enough that Tom Leppert's still mayor; he wishes. Still, worth a look-see.

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