If You, Like DISD, Can't Wait to See Your School's Ranking, Today's Your Lucky Day

Like I said last Thursday, the Texas Education Agency would probably prefer it if the Dallas Independent School District held off on announcing school ratings based on TAKS scores till, ya know, July 30, when the TEA officially releases its 2010 Accountability Ratings. But school's out in a few days, and why hold off till summer break what the district can announce today based on pre-preliminary numbers crunching?

From the looks of the district's brand-new Facebook page, quietly launched last week, today's the day when DISD makes public the rankings based on raw test scores. As in: "How are Dallas ISD schools rated based on 2010 TAKS scores? You'll be among the first to find out this afternoon. Stay tuned." Press conference is scheduled for 'round 2:30 at DISD HQ. We'll follow up shorty thereafter.

Update at 11:38 a.m.: Just got back from the boy's farewell-to-first-grade ceremony (where he was named Most Creative Writer in his class ... so proud) to find a message that DISD has axed preliminary plans for that afternoon press conference. Right now, it looks as though the ratings list will be released via media announcement and the district's Facebook page some time this afternoon. Apparently, it all depends upon when the TEA will release its early TAKS scores list -- which may not be till Thursday. District officials are conferring at this very moment. Will update accordingly.

Update at 1:32 p.m.: DISD will not release its rankings today. Tomorrow, maybe. Thursday, we'll see.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.