If You Need Me on Yom Kippur: The Mecum Car Auction's Coming to Dallas

Called my dad the other day and asked him: "You know what's coming to the Dallas Convention Center the first week of October?" To which he replied, very matter-of-factly: "Yeah, the Mecum auction." Which he knows because my father, a second-generation car-parts man, spends his occasional free Saturday nights watching the Discovery Channel's HD Theater, which broadcasts the classic-car auctions a few weeks after they were held, usually somewhere in the Midwest.

The press release that pulled into the in-box said the Dallas auction will be broadcast live. I spent the better part of Erev Rosh Hashanah perusing the dozens of pages' worth of autos that'll be driven through across Dallas Convention Center floor October 6-8. What you see at top is what I'll be bidding on, assuming I can find a bank willing to write the letter of guarantee, and I doubt I will. Still, it's never too early for a midlife crisis -- or to fill out the necessary registration forms. What? You say this is during Yom Kippur? I'll apologize next year.

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