If You Want an Up-Close Look at What's Supposed to Run Along the Trinity One Day

If you're headed down to Earth Day Dallas, which begins right about now in downtown and runs through tomorrow, you're invited to check out the mammoth map of the Trinity River Corridor Project that'll be on display between Booker T. and the AT&T Performing Arts Center. (Above, that's just a piece of a piece of a piece of the 20-foot-by-7-foot Torah scroll.) It's a Trinity Trust project that was prepped after event organizer Trammell S. Crow decided to bus to the event thousands of Dallas ISD kiddos who might otherwise never have heard of the Trinity River Corridor Project ... or the Trinity Parkway, which I see is still planted on the map.

The map, a copy of which will sooner than later wallpaper Schutze's office, is but one of dozens of to-dos available during the fest, where the sked's full of concerts, movie screenings, reading, speeches and other activities, some featuring Larry Hagman. Taking the boy tomorrow, matter of fact, so see you there. Patrick Michels should be down there now -- that, right there, is a good Friday. His report shortly.

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