Rebecca Aguilar, no longer part of the Fox4 team
Rebecca Aguilar, no longer part of the Fox4 team
Rebecca Aguilar, no longer part of the Fox4 team

If Your Name is Rebecca and You Work in Local TV, Look Out

For those wondering whatever became of reporter Rebecca Aguilar, suspended in October over her interview with James Walton, Uncle Barky brings the news: KDFW-Channel 4 has fired her, via the U.S. Mail. She tells Ed Bark: "I just think it's really sad that I gave this company 14 years and I did about 6,000 interviews, and now I'm out of a job because of one interview? It's like in one swoop it ruined my reputation. It ruined my name." Which, from the sound of the interview, she intends to reclaim with some legal action.

But perhaps more shockingly -- only because there'd been hints Aguilar wasn't likely to return to Fox4 -- Ed also brings news of another TV Rebecca's dismissal: Yesterday, KXAS-Channel 5 parted ways with morning meteorologist Rebecca Miller, without an explanation. Hard to tell if she jumped or if she was pushed, but writes Ed, "Early morning NBC5 meteorologist Rebecca Miller abruptly has left the station and already has been removed from the Web site." She was a 17-year vet of the NBC affiliate. --Robert Wilonsky

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