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In Day Two of Murder Trial, The Strange Stuff Found At Alleged Murderer's Campsite

As if this case wasn't already weird enough, it got weirder on Wednesday in Denton County court. According to prosecutors, in September 2008 Seth Winder murdered his lover, a beloved, longtime Walmart employee named Richard Hernandez. Then he allegedly dismembered him. Why? Haven't gotten there yet. Winder apparently has a history of schizophrenia that went largely untreated.

A detective at the scene testified Wednesday that all they found of Hernandez was a bunch of blood coating the 38-year-old man's North Dallas apartment and some pieces of belly fat in the bathtub.

Never found anything else.

That's because investigators claim Winder disposed of his remains in the apartment complex dumpster. The police got wise to Winder, who was homeless, and staked out his encampment on some vacant church property in Carrollton. Among the things they cataloged: bird skulls hanging from string attached to a nearby tree limb. Pink short-shorts. A white, sheer curtain with blood on it. A bunch of other stuff that tested positive for human blood. What looked like a one-and-a-half to two-foot ninja sword, broken.

It looks like the prosecution may wrap up its case Thursday or Friday, so we'll keep you posted.

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Brantley Hargrove

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