In John Wiley Price Case, Dapheny Fain Makes it Clear: I Saw Nothing, I Know Nothing

We heard last week from John Wiley Price, who responded defiantly in the feds' ongoing effort to squeeze him on their way to a corruption case. It's a hail mary, he said of investigators' effort to sieze $229,000 found in a December raid, nothing more than an effort to "fill holes" in a case he claims is riddled with them.

Now we hear from Price's longtime assistant, Dapheny Fain. Sort of. As the News reported last night, Fain filed a response in the civil forfeiture proceedings yesterday, but as expected she denied having knowledge of more or less anything she could plausibly deny having knowledge of. She admitted borrowing money from Price, but denied "conspir(ing) to accumulate assets" for Price, "converting undisclosed income streams into cash," and other allegations.

Read her full response below.

Dapheny Fain Response

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