In Legal One-on-One Against Ross Perot Jr., Mark Cuban Wins as Judge Tosses Case

On May 10, 2010, Hillwood Investment Properties' Ross Perot Jr. got the bright idea to sue Mark Cuban in Dallas County District Court, hoping to prove that the "reckless and careless" Dallas Mavericks owner had put the team $200-and-some-odd million in debt and "in imminent danger of insolvency." Perot, who still owns 5 percent of the team he told to Cuban in 2000, wanted the court to appoint a receiver to run the team. To which Cuban's attorneys would eventually respond with the greatest legal filing of all time.

But on the other side is a single piece of paper, just signed by Judge Craig Smith, that ends this case -- for now, anyway. It reads, in part: "IT IS ORDERED that Plaintiff Hillwood Investment Properties III, Ltd. take nothing against Defendants Radical Mavericks Management, LLC and Dallas Basketball Limited d/b/a/ Dallas Mavericks, that all claims asserted by Plaintiff are DENIED, and that all costs of court be taxed against Plaintiff." Cuban attorney Tom Melsheimer, once again up to the task, offers this slam dunk: "The Mavs are winning even during the lockout!"

Cuban Wins Perot Lawsuit

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