In New Video about Museum Tower, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Promises: We Got This

Before we decamp for Le Bar: If you haven't been following the spat between the Nasher Sculpture Center and the owner of the Museum Tower project -- which happens to be the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System -- Schutze had a thoughtful, balanced take on the matter last week. The gist, basically, is this:

The opulent tower of million-dollar condos is reflecting quite the ray of sunshine on the Nasher and other spaces in the Arts District, and no one's quite sure what to do about it. A mediator has been hired to broker an agreement. That mediator, lawyer Tom Luce, has asked both sides to go quiet.

But first, the chairman of the pension board wants its members to know: Hey! It's OK! We totally didn't invest your future in a speculative real-estate deal based entirely on its position in the Arts District, only to accidentally turn the project into the sworn enemy of everyone who's ever accidentally glanced at a Rothko and thought, "Hmm, it doesn't suck, I guess."

The video, uploaded today, is above. Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Schutze is back next week, either with a kayaking travelogue or a measured response to this. I'm rooting for the travelogue thing.

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