In Search of Wylie H: Either the Trail Is Getting Warmer or I'm Getting Crazier
Stephen Young

In Search of Wylie H: Either the Trail Is Getting Warmer or I'm Getting Crazier

I moved into a new apartment on New Year's Day. Wednesday, as I was making my way down the stairs, I saw the door you see in the photo.

It stopped me cold. "Surely, it couldn't be this easy," I thought. Had Wylie H. been hiding in plain sight -- with an admittedly slightly altered spelling -- for all these years?

H., for the uninitiated, is the "city's smartest, best informed and most mysterious commenter," according the Observer's Jim Schutze. Outing him or her is one of Schutze's many white whales, so I figured I'd help him out a bit. Plus, seeing as H. is perhaps the most universally respected figure in Dallas politics, knowing what his or her opinions are based on has value.

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Thursday night, I knocked on the door. No answer. Noticing there was a second door connected to the apartment now inhabiting the original Wiley H's office, I knocked on it, too. Still, no answer. I went down to the lobby and looked through the buzzer box directory for clues. Nothing.

Some Internet research reveals that the name on the door belonged to Wiley Rawlins. Longtime Dallas lawyer, former justice of the peace, frequent candidate for other offices. Dead now, of course. Maybe this is all just a coincidence, maybe our Wylie takes his or her name from somebody else, but the serendipity sure makes me wonder.

If you or anyone you know knows who Wiley H. is or has any information that could help us figure out who Wylie H. is, please, for the love of God and Jim Schutze, send me an email.

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