In Texas, Is Blue the New Red?

Surely you've seen the stats by now: 289,092 Dallas County voters went straight-party Democrat on Tuesday, 422,242 folks filled in their bubbles blue for Obama, and even Rick Noriega bested John Cornyn here by some 82,000-plus votes. Elsewhere, Burnt Orange Report proclaimed, "The Death of Travis County Republicans," which seems unnecessarily gloaty; while Republicans in Harris County are counting on lower voter turnout in 2010 to help stop the bleeding down Houston way. Alas, and yet again, Big-City Texas' blue hue -- it's more slimming, come on -- has folks insisting the state'll be rid of red before too long. Right, this morning's Los Angeles Times? "Some Democrats have settled on a rallying cry: Texas is next." S'what I said. --Robert Wilonsky

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