In the Belly of the Beast (Or, at Least, the American Airlines Center)

Deadspin wonders this morning: "Will Cuban Ban The Almighty ESPN?" And it asks only because ESPN's True Hoop'er Henry Abbott is coming to town tonight, to cover Mavs-Lakers, and he's spoiling for a fight with Mark Cuban, who decided last week to ban bloggers from the Mavericks' locker room. Writes Abbott, who started True Hoop in 2005 before moving to the Worldwide Leader in Sports, "Let's be honest: I wouldn't be flying to Dallas if Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban hadn't recently made the bizarre decision to ban bloggers from the locker room."

Meanwhile, for the third time in a week, Cuban posts about what, precisely, constitutes a blog and why newspapers' blogs put "them on the exact same content treadmill as even the smallest blogger." Which is too true -- unless, as a Deadspin commenter points out, your name is Creed and you have thoughts. --Robert Wilonksy

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