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In the DART Crash That Shut Down the Tollway, the Inevitable Lawsuit Has Been Filed

On June 29, if you'll recall, a DART paratransit van inexplicably plowed into a line of stopped cars on the Tollway. The first question upon seeing the crash was, naturally, What the hell is that driver on? Drugs or a cell phone?. The inside-the-bus video, which showed the driver's placid demeanor the moment before impact, proved it wasn't a cell phone but provided no other clues. The second question, almost simultaneous with the first, was, When's the lawsuit?

Courthouse News has your answer. Jose and Pollieanna Sepulveda filed a lawsuit last week against Veolia Transport, which operated the bus, and driver Willie Grant. Sepulveda, who was impaled by his steering wheel and had his hip and shoulder crushed by his seat, claims Grant was negligent in failing to: keep a proper lookout; maintain control of his vehicle; properly apply the brakes; maintain attention on upcoming traffic; and operate his vehicle in a safe and prudent manner. All of which seems pretty self-evident in the video. Veolia, the suit says, should have trained their driver better.

The Sepulvedas are asking for medical expenses, lost wages, and unspecified damages. Grant was promptly fired by Veolia which, for unrelated reasons, is no loner DART's paratransit contractor.

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