In the Park Cities, All Is Quiet ... Too Quiet

Well, uh, here we are at the big Election Night bash in the home of our only Park Cities friends. And, uh ... nobody else is here. It's kind of, how you say, awkward. We parked three blocks away because we know how parked up it gets in the Park cities when there's a party. But the streets are empty. Silent.

The house is very quiet. Three or four people are downstairs staring at the biggest TV set I have ever seen in my life. I thought I was at the Bijou. But no one speaks. In fact, it's like one of those science fiction movies about a rich ultra-conservative enclave community in the Southwest after a nuclear holocaust. And we would be ... what? The cute, unsuspecting liberals invited in for breeding purposes. Oh... my .... gaaaawd. ROBERT! Call Democrat Rescue! Pull us out! --Jim Schutze

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