KDFW-Channel 4's Rebecca Aguilar -- still missing more than two months later

"Indefinitely" Is Turning Into a Long, Long Time

Rowlett's Marisa Trevino is a friend of Rebecca Aguilar's; she's very clear about that in her Scripps News-syndicated column about Aguilar's continued absence from KDFW-Channel 4, from which Aguilar was indefinitely suspended in October following her polarizing parking-lot interview with James Walton. But regardless of the columnist's relationship with Aguilar, her question is legit: Why, after the managing editor and cameraman involved with the controversial piece received only hand slaps, hasn't the station lifted Aguilar's suspension? Trevino has her theory:

It might have something to do with the fact that the shooter is white.

A quick scan of the latest comments and blog entries show that what started out as the public's knee-jerk reaction to a routine story that had a sympathetic perpetrator has evolved into the latest example of a backlash against Hispanics stemming from the emotional immigration debate gripping the country...

It's one thing for Aguilar's station to listen and respond to its viewers' wishes, but her continued suspension only endorses a racially charged extremist viewpoint and trivializes the career of an individual who was honored just last year as the National Association of Hispanic Journalists' "Broadcast Journalist of the Year."

Nonetheless, expect no resolution any time soon: As Trevino reminds, lawyers are involved. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.