If Dallas couldn't beat Golden State, maybe this guy from The Colony can.

Insert Knife Here. Twist.

So, the Mavericks lost to a hot team, right? A Golden State Warriors squad magically turning playoff pressure into playground fun, right? A bunch of loosey goosey athletes primed -- no, make that destined -- to author a deep, historic run as a No. 8 seed, right? Wrong.

Last night, in their first game since eliminating Dallas, the Warriors played like, well, the Warriors. The Utah Jazz did Monday night what Dallas couldn't do : Bludgeon small ball. In Game One of the Western Conference semis, the Jazz pounded Golden State inside, out-rebounding the Warriors 54-36. And, to make us all feel even worse, remember that unstoppable combination of Magic Johnson and Dwyane Wade named Baron Davis? Sure enough, he had more turnovers than three-pointers and was thoroughly outplayed by Utah's Deron Williams -- who, wouldn't you know it, played his high school ball right up the street in The Colony. Ouch. --Richie Whitt


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