Inside Trump's Private Dallas Fundraiser

Fresh off a Sunday night debate performance, GOP presidential nominee and admitted genital-grabber Donald Trump swung through Texas on Tuesday to pick up a pile of cash at private fundraisers in San Antonio and Dallas.

The media was not allowed inside either event but Katrina Pierson, Trump's Dallas-based spokeswoman, streamed the whole thing on Periscope. (Her stream of the entire event is at the bottom of this post.)

Pierson's tape begins with Trump taking to a lectern backed by Pete Sessions and Michael Burgess, North Texas congressmen who are apparently still on board with Trump even after the Friday's release of a 2005 tape that features Trump talking about sexually assaulting women and attempting to seduce married women.

As he begins to speak, someone in the crowd, each of whom paid $2,700 to hang out with Trump, shouts that Hillary Clinton is "frumpy and ugly."

Trump, unlike previous instances during his campaign, restrains himself from repeating the man's outburst and congratulates himself for his newfound discipline. "See, I'm learning," Trump says. "I don't have to repeat everything."

Trump then follows a laugh from the crowd with his usually litany about trade and bringing back jobs "big league." His stump speech now includes hinting that, if elected, he might appoint a special prosecutor to throw Clinton in jail.

"Deport Hillary," someone in the crowd yells.

After the fundraiser, during which the Trump campaign expected to raise about $4.5 million, Trump filmed a TV hit for the O'Reilly Factor with First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, who has remained steadfastly in Trump's camp from the very beginning. 

"The real issue here in this election is it's a binary choice for conservative Christians," Jeffress told O'Reilly.

The Whole Event 

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