Irving High School Recalls Yearbooks After Discovering They Call Cheerleader "Ugly Hoe"

The news broke, as tends to happen in these cases, on Twitter.

And sure enough, thumb through Irving High School's brand-new 2013 yearbook and you'll find, under the group photo of the junior varsity cheerleaders, that one girl is identified only as "Ugly Hoe."

That's not her real name nor, for the record, is she a gardening tool. It's just what some as-yet-unidentified individual, presumably a student, thought would be a funny thing to call her in the official chronicle of Irving High circa 2013.

The district swears to CBS 11 that the name change happened after the yearbooks were proofed by staff. Otherwise, the 400 copies would never have been printed.

Only about a dozen yearbooks had been handed out by the time the mistake was caught and they were recalled, but it was already too late, the news having spread to Twitter. A district spokeswoman told WFAA that the district is investigating and will punish the culprit to the full extent of the student disciplinary code.

That presumably doesn't include changing the student's name to "Asshole" in the reprinted yearbooks. That can always be slipped in later, once the proofs are finished.

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Eric Nicholson
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