Is This the Best Rick Perry Photo of All Time?

This morning, Texas Governor Rick Perry tweeted a photo encapsulating what is no doubt a very special approach to international relations. The picture largely speaks for itself, but let's ponder some of the major questions.

  • Did Mr. Seko come to the meeting wearing a baseball glove?
  • Did he think Governor Perry was some sort of representative of the Texas Rangers?
  • How do you shake hands with someone wearing a baseball glove? We ask because Rick Perry desperately needs to know the optimum approach. This approach is clearly not working.
  • Where are they standing? Is that wallpaper or a house?
  • Whose idea was it to put Rick Perry's head directly in front of a very small painting depicting a scene that is basically the opposite of Texas?
  • Is Rick Perry just trolling all of us? Is it working because I'm writing this?

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