Is Wendy Davis Running for Governor?

Wendy Davis, the "Abortion Superstar," is jerking our chains a little bit. She still won't say whether she'll run for governor in 2014 or just re-election for her seat in the Texas senate. But a Texas lobbyist with "credible sources" has posted on his blog that she's definitely gunning to lead Texas.

"Credible sources tell me that Sen. Wendy Davis will run for Governor in 2014 and not seek reelection to Texas Senate District 10," writes Robert Miller, a Houston-based lobbyist who represents the Dallas Police & Fire Pension System along with energy companies and other big-name clients.

It's a stronger assertion than the one came that came from a strategist for Davis, who told Politico at the end of June that she is "looking very closely" at a run for statewide office, including the governorship. Thanks, that narrows it down. In related news, she may have also looked very closely at a receipt with tiny letters on it.

Davis told reporters on Friday that she'll announce her political plans in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post argued that she should run, but then changed course last week in an incredibly dramatic twist: "On Tuesday, we presented the argument for why Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D) should run for governor. Now, it's time to do the opposite."

Update: A Davis staffer has announced that Davis will make an announcement after Labor Day. However, not even Davis is sure yet what she will be announcing. "She is in the process of deciding whether to seek re-election to her Senate seat or to run for governor," the staffer told the Houston Chronicle.

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Amy Martyn
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