It's 100 Degrees. Take That, 1980!

This just in from the National Weather Service:

DFW Airport has reached 100 degrees today. This ties the record for most 100 degree days in a year (69 days). We should easily surpass this record tomorrow.

Great. Swell. Awesome. Break out the ... well, not water. That'd be a waste. Which reminds me: Treehugger today wonders what Dallas, Houston and the rest o' Texas will do if and when the drought lingers into 2012 and '13. Besides turn into Mexico.

Around late summer of 2012, people will see that blaming EPA won't help. Air conditioning, lighting, water pumps: all that power driven stuff will become less reliable and life in Texas could start to resemble life in Mexico. The miracle that has been the Texas economy might trip on the cracks. (Generator sales will skyrocket, though, if you are looking to start up a small business.)

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