"It's an Easter Miracle": Dallas Atheists' New Pre-Movie Ad Will Run at the Plano Angelika

Last week, the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason really wanted to run some ads about atheism . They put up some billboards along Interstate 30, but a planned advertisement at the Arlington location of Movie Tavern was rejected at the last minute. American Atheists president Dave Silverman was pretty steamed about the whole thing. But there's good news for the godless this morning: The Plano location of the Angelika has agreed to run the ads.

Zachary Moore, DFWCoR's spokesman, tells Unfair Park that the group reached out to the Angelika chain after being it's-not-you-it's-me'd by Movie Tavern. "Initially they said no, and then they said maybe if we changed the ad, and then they said yes to the original," he writes. "It's an Easter miracle!"

The ad will begin playing at the theater on Friday. Regardless of how you feel about atheism, Easter, or how goddamn (oops) cold the movie theater always is, I think we can all mark this occasion by eating the head right off a chocolate bunny. You never start with the toes. They just suffer that way.

For even more atheism, view the DFWCoR's highway billboards right here.

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