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It's No Joke

Have you read Steve Blow this morning? No? Really, you should. It's top-notch stuff, no joke--The Man, more or less, taking seriously The Kid running for mayor. Love the headline: "Another Observer mayor? Web-savvy candidate is no joke." Love the description of our pal Zac Crain: "He's 32 and straddles the divide between young hipster and settled family man. But the latter seems to be winning out daily." Love Zac's attitude about all this: "Whatever happens, I took a stand." Not sure I love what his friend and former colleague has to say--did I really use the word "flair"?--but Blow did a nice job of taking seriously a mayoral candidate who's gonna have to take himself more seriously after this morning's paper. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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